En fonction de sa situation, l’élève peut se voir attribuer le statut d’élève à besoins spécifiques afin de bénéficier de mesures particulières.

Depuis la rentrée 2018, le Décret relatif à l'accueil, à l'accompagnement et au maintien dans l'enseignement ordinaire fondamental et secondaire des élèves présentant des besoins spécifiques est entré en vigueur.

Il vise à mettre tout en œuvre, en tenant compte des ressources disponibles et dans les limites d’aménagements raisonnables, afin de réduire ou supprimer les obstacles et difficultés qu'ils éprouvent dans leur scolarité.

Foire aux questions


When do I pay for my session?

50% deposit is due once you receive the session confirmation email and no less than 24 hours before the scheduled session start time.

How do I pay my deposit?

Deposit payment methods accepted are Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle. Deposits cannot be paid in cash.

When is my session remaining balance due?

The remaining balance of your session must be paid by the end of your session and before you receive the recorded files of your session.

Do y'all make beats too?

Sound IRS uses OMG Beats for music production services. You can find them by clicking on the "Beats" tab in the menu bar on this page?

Can i bring my friends with me?

You are strongly encouraged to bring only essential workers necessary for your recording session.

What's included with my session?

In addition to access to the studio and it's equipment (based on availability), every session includes the engineer, basic editing to get rid of unwanted noise like the sound of jewelry or clothes russling in the mic, and a rough mix.

Mixing & Mastering

What is a rough mix?

"A preliminary mix of the existing tracks and elements recorded for a song. A rough mix is usually the first opportunity for the artist and producer to hear what they have recorded in the context of a complete or nearly complete production."-

What is the difference beteween mixing and mastering?

"...The final process that your music undergoes before distribution. Its primary aim is to polish your mix to its finest presentation and prepare it for distribution on CD, vinyl, or the internet."- Sweetwater

What is the difference between a stereo and multitrack mix?

A stereo mix is a mix where all the music or the "beat" has already been mixed together into a stereo (left and right) track. A multitrack mix is when you provide us with all the individual sounds of the beat, i.e. kick drum, snare, bass, piano, guitar, etc.

How should I prepare my song for mixing?

Be sure to label all tracks correctly, export in 24 bit if possible, export for the entire range of the full song, and remove all effect plug ins if possible.

How do I prepare my song for mastering?

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